08 July 2020

An update from Lisa, Scannappeal Director

Dear Supporter,

As lockdown begins to ease I am sure that you are all thinking about how we tentatively step out into the world again.  Scannappeal is also looking at how we can begin to open up the office and continue to fundraise whilst ensuring we keep everyone safe.

Whilst most of the team has been working from home over the past few months, we have prepared the office for a complete return and can now ensure that social distancing rules can be adhered to.  We are looking to reopen the office from 13 July 2020 which means that there will be a member of the team in every day.  Although we will not be back in full capacity just yet, with the team continuing to work from home occasionally, we feel now is the right time to make a positive move towards working together in the office environment.

We are also beginning to look at how we will bring back some of our volunteers if they wish to return to their roles.  We will be talking to volunteers over the coming weeks and seeking advice on the best way for them to return safely.

Whilst our bookshops at Amersham and Stoke Mandeville remain closed, our Wycombe bookshop has remained accessible with the usual ‘honesty payment’ system in place. Due to the new government guidelines that allow non-essential retail shops to open, we are considering how we can open the remaining two bookshops which we hope to be able to do in the coming weeks.

Although our fundraising has been hit hard and our event programme over the last few months has been cancelled, we continue to raise funds to support our current public appeals, including the Bucks MRI Appeal and the Best for Bucks Appeal. We are working hard to put together a programme of activities that we hope you will continue to support and engage with over the coming months, watch this space!

There are still visitor restrictions across the hospital sites and masks are compulsory when entering the hospitals.  We know that some of you might wish to visit the office and have items that you want to drop off such as books and donations.  However, please can you get in touch with the team first on
01494 734161 or bht.info.scannappeal@nhs.net

Please keep your eyes peeled for further updates via social media at facebook.com/scannappeal or twitter.com/scannappeal or via our website or email updates. 

We hope to see you soon but until then please stay safe and well.

Best Wishes,

Lisa Trivett