Lung Cancer Biopsy Appeal

Fundraising £150,000

£ 23,100 raised so far

Our new Lung Cancer Biopsy Appeal for £150,000 will ensure people with suspected lung cancer have a quicker, safer and more accurate diagnosis.

The new appeal will introduce the innovative use of Peripheral Navigational Bronchoscopy to Stoke Mandeville hospital. Navigational bronchoscopy is performed using the latest, advanced technology which works like a GPS system. A three-dimensional roadmap of the lungs is created which allows clinicians to reach much deeper into the lungs. 

There are a number of reasons why a doctor may order a bronchoscopy, from a chronic cough, to symptoms indicating lung disease, to abnormal X-ray findings. A bronchoscopy allows the clinician to look inside your airway through a video camera, examine the lungs for abnormalities, and obtain tissue samples to help with diagnosis and treatment.

The state of the art peripheral navigation bronchoscope uses advanced technology to perform the procedure with less complications and greater precision. Clinicians can access the most distant regions of the lungs to detect and biopsy even the smallest lesions. Currently these suspected cancers are difficult to biopsy and patients may be referred to hospitals outside of Bucks for biopsy, which could lead to a delay
in diagnosis.

Support the Lung Biopsy Appeal

Fundraising to ensure people with suspected lung cancer have a quicker, safer and more accurate diagnosis

The Equipment


Allows clinicians to reach much deeper into the lungs


Advanced imaging creates a 3D roadmap of the lung


Detect and biopsy even the smallest lesions


Reduces the need for invasive needle or surgical biopsy

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“We are delighted to have the support of Scannappeal in helping to raise the funds to purchase a Peripheral Navigational Bronchoscope. Introducing this service to patients in Buckinghamshire will be a real step change in how we are able to manage patients with suspected lung cancer. We will be able to keep patients closer to home, provide a quicker and more informed diagnosis with less invasive procedures. We are very excited to work alongside Scannappeal to achieve the fundraising target.”

Dr Anjani Prasad, Consultant Respiratory Physician

Patient Benefits

Local Referral

Patients will avoid being referred outside of Bucks for biopsy

Earlier Diagnosis

Earlier diagnosis of tumours lead to better outcomes

Better Treatment

Informs a better and specialised treatment plan

Less Complications

The potential risk of a collapsed lung is reduced

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