Frequently asked questions.

Is Scannappeal a registered charity?

Yes, we are registered with the Charity Commission and our registered charity number is: 296291

Can I fundraise for one appeal?

In most instances, we can work with you to match your area of interest with one of our current fundraising appeals.

Are there materials to help me with my fundraising?

Yes, we have banners, collecting buckets, balloons, t-shirts, information sheets and many other items which may assist your fundraising efforts. Do give us a call and we can chat through your requirements.

Am I allowed to use your logo on posters/leaflets I’ve made to advertise my event?

Yes, we can email you a copy of our logo or if you would prefer a poster template ready for you to add details of your event.

Can you promote my event on your social media channels?

We are very happy to help promote your event across our social media channels. Please remember to @ tag Scannappeal in any social media communications you make about your event.

What do I need to think about to keep my event safe and legal?

Your safety and wellbeing is our priority. Please ensure you adhere to all health and safety laws and contact us if you need any advice or guidance before planning your event.

Can someone from Scannappeal attend my event?

If you are interested in having a speaker at your event, please email us and we’ll do our best to arrange this, although we may not be able to cover all locations/dates.

How do I pay in my money?

There are several easy ways to pay in your fundraising money

1. Cheque
Please make a cheque payable to “Scannappeal” and send it to: Scannappeal Administration Office, Amersham Hospital, Whielden Street, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 0JD. Please attach a note with your contact details.

2. Bank transfer
Please contact us on 01494 734161 for our bank details.

3. By phone
Please call us on 01494 734161 and a member of the team will be able to take your card payment over the phone.

I have one of your collection boxes. How do I get this donation to you?

Please call us on 01494 734161 and a member of the team will be able to arrange for your collection box to be emptied and resealed for future use.

How do I set up an online fundraising page?

Setting up a fundraising page online is a quick and easy way to ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.

Our preferred online fundraising page provider is JustGiving. Simply head to their website and follow the instructions. Remember to choose Scannappeal from the drop down list when you sign up.

Once you’ve set up your page, add a photo and a personal story to explain why you’re fundraising for us. The more personal your page is the better!

If you have any problems setting up your page, please call 01494 734161 and a member of the team will be able to assist you.

Can you claim Gift Aid on the money I have raised?

Donations from UK tax payers are worth an extra 25p for every £1 donated at no extra cost to you!

For us to be able to claim Gift Aid on a personal donation you need to complete our gift aid form. For sponsored events check that the sponsor or donor is a UK tax payer, record their home address, postcode, and donation amount, and make sure they tick the Gift Aid box on your sponsorship form or fundraising page. If you are using a paper sponsorship form it must be returned to us with your donation to enable us to claim Gift Aid.

Please note that we are unable to claim Gift Aid on ticket sales, raffle sales, corporate sponsorship, and sale of goods or auction proceeds. We also cannot claim Gift Aid on payments from companies.

Can you organise a cheque presentation for me?

We’d love a member of staff or charity ambassador to meet you for a cheque presentation as it gives us the opportunity to say thank you in person. Please email us and we’ll try to facilitate this for you.

What happens to my personal details?

Please see our privacy policy for more information on this.

How do I remove my personal details from your records?

You have the right to remove or change your marketing and fundraising preference at any time by contacting the charity office by email bht.info.scannappeal@nhs.net or by calling 01494 734161.

How do I set up a monthly donation?

By setting up a regular gift today, you can help make a difference to the lives of local people. It’s very quick and easy to do via our website here or by calling the fundraising office on 01494 734161

How do I volunteer for Scannappeal?

We would love to hear from you by email bht.info.scannappeal@nhs.net or by calling 01494 734161.

How do I donate books for Scannappeal bookshops?

We are always in need of good quality secondhand books and they can be dropped off at our offices in Amersham or directly to our bookshop at Wycombe hospital. Please remember in both cases hospital parking restrictions apply.

If you have a large quantity of books to donate please call the fundraising office on 01494 734161 and we will help all we can.

When is the Scannappeal office open?

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm