William Baxter Memorial Fund

The William Baxter Memorial Fund

The William Baxter Memorial Fund has been set up to not only honour the memory of our late chairman, William, but also continue his legacy of wanting to make a lasting impact on the hospitals in Bucks. William was committed to our vision of providing local patients with access to the best possible diagnostic and medical equipment available today, and our goal is that the memorial fund will enable us to have a strategic impact, on the provision of healthcare across Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS hospitals, for years to come. 

In partnership with Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, we will identify a project that best reflects William’s passion for innovation. This project will encapsulate the values he held dear, focusing on innovative medical equipment to support diagnosis and treatment for as many people as possible. We look forward to sharing more details about our chosen project in the coming months.

William Baxter Memorial Fund

Fundraising for state of the art medical equipment for Buckinghamshire NHS hospitals

“It is an honour to lead the fundraising for the William Baxter Memorial Fund. William was an inspiration to us all and we are all determined to honour his wish to support Bucks hospitals by now fundraising in his memory. We already have a number of events planned, many of which we know William would personally have enjoyed.”

Sarah Vickers, Scannappeal Deputy Chair