Small Projects Programme

£1,352,213 Raised So Far!

Our Small Projects Programme runs alongside our public Appeals for the purchase of smaller items of equipment in different clinical areas. This funding typically ranges from £5,000 – £25,000.  Recent projects have included providing specialist equipment for respiratory medicine, audiology, endoscopy, pathology, haematology, ophthalmology, rheumatology, anaesthetics and specialist community nurse teams.

Helping Our Youngest Patients

£30,000 raised for jaundice meters

Eight jaundice meters has meant jaundice testing for new born babies has been extended into the community, giving dependable results in seconds and saving multiple trips to hospital.

Detecting Cancer With Cameras

£9,000 raised for three cameras

This equipment has enabled a new non-invasive technique to be introduced which identifies early signs of skin cancer not usually visible to the naked eye.

Improving Quality Of Life

£18,000 raised for a portable laryngoscope

This equipment for the Speech and Language Therapy department helps patients with difficulty swallowing or impaired speech following a stroke.

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The Facts


50,000 people per year benefit from equipment purchased through the Small Projects Programme


On average £125,000 a year has been spent on a range of small projects


70 pieces of equipment purchased to date

New Project

Our Trustees meet quarterly to consider new projects