Best For Bucks Appeal

Fundraising £250,000 per financial year

£ 12,000 raised so far

Best For Bucks, is a fund that enables Scannappeal to prepare for future equipment needs within our local NHS hospitals.

New appeals will benefit from a stronger financial start, as well as allowing us to react quickly to often urgent needs to purchase lifesaving medical equipment straightaway, benefiting local patients quicker.

Donations to this fund are vital. By having funds readily available we can act immediately meaning state of the art medical equipment which otherwise would not be funded by the NHS alone can be in place quicker, helping to diagnose and treat patients in Bucks faster, crucially helping to save more lives.​

Clinicians working within Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust may apply for funding from Scannappeal for equipment which will either bring about a step change to an existing service for patients; or allow a new service to be introduced. Our aim is to ensure local hospitals are well equipped, enabling diagnosis and treatment to be accessible locally, including the repatriation of services which may not currently be available within our hospitals– we want the best for Bucks, in Bucks.

Currently fundraising for...

Contrast enhanced mammography service - £55,000

The Breast Department at Wycombe hospital wants to introduce Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM) for local patients. This innovative technique for imaging the breast, can detect small cancers that are otherwise not visible in standard mammograms. The tumour will appear highlighted, which makes the abnormalities stand out more clearly, helping to improve cancer detection and diagnostic accuracy.

Anterior segment cameras - £33,000

Ophthalmology departments at both Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe hospital are in need of Anterior segment cameras. These cameras record high resolution digital photographs of the front surface of the eye which can accurately record diseases and changes. Alongside this, the department will also be able to provide high quality digital images to specialist centres for suspected eye surface cancers. Therefore, referrals will be more accurate for patients and enable remote monitoring, which will save patients’ needing to travel to Moorfields or Oxford.

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Our equipment has helped over 100,000 local patients every year


Spent on equipment to date which includes an exceptional legacy


Improved diagnosis and treatment will save lives and improve prognosis


Our equipment supports revolutionary diagnosis and treatment within Buckinghamshire hospitals

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“We are immensely grateful to supporters of Scannappeal who help bring cutting-edge medical equipment to our Buckinghamshire hospitals. Technology has advanced greatly in recent years and our doctors are thrilled to be able to use equipment which undoubtedly improves diagnosis, treatment and outcome for our patients. Future projects in partnership with Scannappeal will make a huge difference to our clinical teams and to patients across the whole of the county.” Neil MacDonald – Chief Executive, Buckinghamshire NHS Healthcare Trust

The Facts

1 in 4

Equipment purchased by Scannappeal benefits 1 in 4 of the local population

10 minutes

Scannappeal funded equipment is now used every 10 minutes by patients living locally


Improve patient experience by ensuring our local hospitals are well equipped​


38 major appeals completed since 1987

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