20 August 2020

Turn stamps into cash

Huge thanks to everyone who has been collecting, snipping and sorting stamps for us. Supporting Stamp Appeal is a really simple way to help raise money for Scannappeal. We accept UK and foreign stamps and you can sent them to us ready snipped, with approx. 1 cm boarder around each stamp, or if it’s easier send to us and we will arrange snipping and sorting.

Every stamp really does have a value, so even standard first and second class stamps are worth keeping and passing on. We would love to hear from you if you able to help us by setting up a stamp collection point within your community, office or school.

By recycling your used postage stamps you can help raise vital funds for life saving revolutionary medical equipment for hospitals in Buckinghamshire. Collecting stamps is a quick and easy way to support Scannappeal. We encourage you to save all postage stamps whether they are Foreign or British, old or new, we will be happy to recycle them for cash. Follow these simple steps:

1) Collect your postage stamp from letters and cards that you receive at home or work
2) Cut out your stamp leaving a 1 cm border around the envelope or packaging
3) Take your stamps to one of our collection points or drop off at our Amersham office

We are particularly keen to hear from anyone who could help set up, and look after, local collection points. This would involve finding a suitable venue, maybe a local library, shop or business, and then picking up stamps on a regular basis. Stamps could then be dropped off at our offices, or if you have time you could snip and sort first beforehand which would help us to quickly turn stamps into cash!

For further information visit our Stamp Appeal page here