02 August 2022

NICU Appeal for Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Scannappeal are appealing to local families and businesses to support their brand new Baby NICU Appeal to provide a vital mobile scanning device for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

The NICU provides specialist care for vulnerable babies who need a higher level of medical care soon after birth including: babies born before 37 weeks gestation (a premature birth), babies who weigh less than 1.8kg, babies who need help with their breathing and babies who need intensive treatment and additional support that cannot be managed on the general postnatal ward. Babies may be treated in the NICU for a period ranging from a few days to as many as three to four months.

As part of the diagnosis and monitoring of babies the specialist team require a mobile x-ray device which will allow x-rays of neonatal babies to be taken from their incubator. On average the equipment will be used a minimum of three times each day, seven days a week. In previous years, approximately 940 x-rays on babies have been conducted every year.

Karen Shardlow, Head of Fundraising for Scannappeal said “for parents of a baby in NICU the time spent there can be worrying, we believe the relief of not needing to move babies for x-rays will help relieve some of the worry and critically allow parents to be nearby at all times”.

Babies on the NICU may need to be x-rayed for a variety of reasons specific to their premature birth:

  • Premature babies are often born with lots of fluid on their lungs, as the lungs are immature, so clinicians assess this through chest x-rays.
  • If the birth has been difficult, x-rays are also used to check for fractures and other traumatic abnormalities.
  • When babies need intravenous drugs administered, an x-ray will be used to check the intravenous lines are in the correct place.
  • On average, the Mobile X-Ray will be used three times each day, seven days a week.
  • To avoid moving the premature baby, x-rays are performed on the NICU with the baby in the incubator.
  • In previous years, approximately 940 x-rays on babies have been conducted every year.

Karen went on to add “We have pledged to raise £57,000 to fund this equipment and would welcome the communities support in making this happen. Perhaps you and your family have benefitted from incredible support of the maternity team at Stoke Mandeville hospital and this appeal now offers you the opportunity to say thank you.”

Find out more about the appeal and donate here