03 June 2017

Volunteers Week Meet John

It’s Volunteers Week meet John one of our amazing volunteers.

1) How long have you volunteered for Scannappeal?

15 years.

2) Why did you first get involved with Scannappeal?

Through my wife Pam.

3) Tell us about your role?

I work in the Wycombe bookshop on a Tuesday morning, flag days collecting, working at the Rebellion weekend (never missed a day) and anything else I can do to help fundraise.

4) What do you like most about the role you do?

Raising money for Scannappeal and meeting fellow volunteers and Hospital consultants involved with equipment for which we are raising money.

5) Can you tell us about the most memorable thing that’s happened to you whilst volunteering?

Collecting £100 in 2 hours on a flag day in Amersham.

6) What contribution or achievement are you most proud of?

A skydive with my son, daughter, stepdaughter and nephew in 2004.

7) What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Make the most of your life.

8) In one sentence why should people volunteer their time to support Scannappeal?

It is very rewarding raising money to help fellow citizens to have a well-equipped local hospitals and dedicated consultants with the best equipment available.

9) Finally if you could go anywhere and do anything with no limit on time or money, where would you go, what would you do?

Go nowhere, but help find a cure for cancer and dementia.