04 October 2021

Patient experience of the Bucks Integrated Breast Unit

I found a lump in my breast on 27/08/21 the day before a Bank Holiday weekend. I Phoned my GP that morning.

I saw my GP an hour later that morning who referred me to Wycombe Breast Clinic for an appointment. I was given an appointment on 02/09/21.

Every single aspect of this clinic worked smoothly:
Mammogram & Ultra-sound run by Radiologists who talked me through everything. Then I was seen by the Clinic Sister & finally by the Consultant & at each stage I was examined & everything was explained to me fully. I was signed off after approx. 3 hours & told that if I ever found another lump I must always do exactly as I had done this time & never to think that I didn’t want to bother the Breast Clinic again.

I am a qualified NHS nurse to Sister level & this experience was the NHS at it’s very best with everything running smoothly, professionals working together in co-ordination & keeping their colleagues & their patient informed at every step of the procedure.

I had faster & better treatment by the NHS than I would have had if I had gone privately for this treatment.

Well done NHS Bucks healthcare trust & thank you, Jill R.G.N.