30 July 2021

Best for Bucks Appeal making a real difference

At the beginning of this year the Radiology team based at Amersham hospital identified an urgent need for a new DEXA scanner. Thanks to the generosity of Scannappeal supporters funds were available immediately, meaning there was a relatively short time when the DEXA service was unavailable to patients.

Jo Rotherham, Lead Radiographer at Amersham Hospital shared with us how the scanner is used ‘the primary use of the scanner is to support the Osteoporosis service in initial diagnosis and follow up assessment of treatment effectiveness and disease progression. In the future, we can also introduce vertebral fracture assessment scans, femur scans for atypical fractures and whole body composition scans’.

Another bonus of the new equipment is the enhanced software which will ease the reporting of scans. Jo added ‘we have been able to transfer the database of previous scans so patients requiring follow up assessments can have continuous care. Regrettably the Covid 19 pandemic has created a waiting list of outstanding scans which is steadily reducing now we are operational again on the new scanner. The Amersham radiology team would like to convey their thanks to Scannappeal and their supporters.’

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