16 October 2020

Anne supports Scannappeal

We were thrilled to receive a visit from Anne, who after encouragement from her family has written a synopsis of her time as a nurse in her first ever book entitled – ‘Don’t Drop It Nurse’. This book takes the reader on a journey down memory lane recalling Anne’s life as a nurse in the 1960s. Anne started writing the book in 2016 but, due to her husband being seriously ill, picked up the cudgels again and finished the book in 2019, at the age of eighty-one. Anne has kindly chosen to donate the royalties from her book to Scannappeal.

We asked Anne about her book and why she wanted to support Scannappeal…

“Being a nurse shaped my life from 1956 when I first started my training; I carried the kidney that was used in the first kidney transplant in the world in Edinburgh in 1960 and joined the Royal Airforce Nursing Service treating injured soldiers and prisoners of war in Yemen. My late husband and I both benefitted personally from the wonderful care of the NHS and both had many scans, which is why I wanted to support Scannappeal. The royalties from my recently published book ‘Don’t Drop It Nurse’ will be donated to Scannappeal during my lifetime, but I wanted to do more and that is why I have spoken to my family about leaving a legacy to Scannappeal. My wish is that royalties from my book will continue to be given to Scannappeal in perpetuity and so benefiting patients in Buckinghamshire for many more years to come.”

To purchase your very own copy of ‘Don’t Drop It Nurse’ for £5.99 visit Pegasus publishers here

The book can also be purchased on Amazon.