07 January 2016

Kop Hill’s support for local cancer patients

Proceeds from the Kop Hill Climb have been used to support our Cancer Fighting Fund at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. £3,500 has been donated to the £140,000 Appeal for a C-arm fluoroscope. This will mean quicker detection and diagnosis of colonic, pancreatic, oesophageal and stomach cancers, immediate precise treatments and faster relief of symptoms.

Kop Hill is now an event run by Heart of Bucks (Buckinghamshire’s Community Foundation) which seeks to raise money locally to support the community within Buckinghamshire. Linda Cannon Clegg, Trustee of the Foundation and current Chair of the KHC donations panel said ‘In particular, we were very impressed with the amount already raised by this project over the course of the last year. With the total so nearly within reach we wanted to help ‘close the gap’ for the C Arm to be funded.’

Kop Hill Climb’s total fundraising now exceeds £300,000 since the revival’s inception back in 2009. At the end of December 2015, the Panel approved donations totaling over £75,000 to 19 organisations who specifically support the local area.