30 April 2015

Freemasons to Help Babies in Bucks

Freemasons funds to help babies in Bucks

Scannappeal has received a significant donation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire to support the Paediatric Orthopaedics department at Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust. The donation will fund a specialist portable ultrasound and probe to diagnose and treat babies with Developmental Dysplasia of Hips (DDH). This will substantially improve the service by extending the number of clinics from Stoke Mandeville Hospital to other sites.

If DDH is not diagnosed and treated early, it becomes more difficult, and distressing to treat. A baby whose DDH is not treated in infancy is likely to need bony hip surgery as they become older; prolonged periods in a plaster cast, and may still develop early arthritis causing pain, possible disability and requiring a hip replacement in early adulthood.

Jo Hicks, Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, said: ‘‘Being able to perform ultrasound scans in all my clinics will mean I can give immediate reassurance to those parents of babies whose clinical examination has raised concerns that the hips may be abnormal. Where I do find the hips to be abnormal, I can start treatment immediately – this is both reassuring for the parents and increases the probability that the treatment will be successful. I will be able to diagnose, treat and monitor babies closer to home for those based near High Wycombe, and now potentially in other locations such as the Neonatal Unit or in peripheral clinics.’’

Scannappeal’s Chairman, William Baxter, said: ‘We are most grateful to the Freemasons for their donation of £21,300 which will make a difference to many babies each year from the Buckinghamshire area. The support of local organisations is crucial to Scannappeal’s work to provide advanced equipment to extend or improve local health services.’