Eye See Appeal

Fundraising £265000

£ 225000 raised so far

Raising money to purchase five specialist machines to help improve and restore vision for patients in Bucks.

The Eye See Appeal is raising money to purchase five specialist machines. Three are for cataract surgery (phacoemulsification) and two for more complex eye surgery (vitrectomy) helping to improve and restore vision. 4,500 local patients with cataracts, bleeding inside the eye, macular degeneration and detached retinas, will benefit from this technology each year.

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Improving and restoring vision for local people

The Equipment


Difficult cases can be dealt with faster, resulting in 15% more patients being treated each year


Procedures will be safer due to medical advancements in cataract removal


Advanced technology provides a number of safety factors, including ensuring that the eye stays at a constant pressure during the operation


In built lasers are of particular benefit for diabetic retinopathy

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“We are delighted that Scannappeal is running this appeal for five specialist machines for cataract removal and retinal work, which will dramatically improve the efficiency of surgery on the eyes for local patients. The cataract machines will be used for routine and more complex cataract surgery and the retinal (vitrectomy) machines for procedures such as repairing retinal detachments and repairing eyes after trauma. They will ultimately improve and restore vision, allow for greater precision and shorter operations compared with the current technology. With the support of Scannappeal and the local community we will be providing a first class ophthalmology service throughout the county” – Larry Benjamin – Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

The Facts


Approximately 30,000 patients a year are supported through screening and symptomatic care at the Unit

5-10 Years

With cataracts, vision typically goes cloudy over 5-10 years until blindness occurs


400,000 cataract procedures are performed each year, it is the most common operation carried out by the NHS in the UK


4,500 local patients with cataracts, macular degeneration and detached retinas will benefit from this new technology

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