All Heart Appeal

Fundraising £185000

£ 180000 raised so far

Raising money to buy two latest generation 3D scanners to diagnose and evaluate heart disease for patients in Bucks

The All Heart Appeal is raising money for advanced cardiovascular imaging system which use ultrasound to generate detailed, real time, 4D moving images of the heart. One of the scanners comes with unique Polarvision which allows a 3D reconstruction of the beating heart to be projected from an adjacent screen. This is a truly amazing tool that allows the clinician to view the heart in detail prior to planning heart surgery.

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Helping to diagnose and evaluate heart disease

The Equipment


These scanners use a hundred times more data compared to predecessors, resulting in exceptional image quality


Live 4D capability allows for greater accuracy when analysing cardiac structure, efficiency, size, flow and function


3D echocardiography improves and expands the diagnostic capabilities of cardiac ultrasound


It is particularly invaluable in assessing patients who are receiving chemotherapy

Help Make A Radical Difference To Local Patients

“The Cardiology Department are very fortunate to have benefited from several Appeals over the years run by Scannappeal and it really does make a radical difference to local patients. This Appeal for £185,000 for two latest generation scanners will help accurately diagnose all types of heart disease and help to plan delicate open heart surgery. Once these scanners are purchased for Amersham and Wycombe hospitals it will mean that patients across Buckinghamshire will be treated with advanced technology which is currently only available at a few hospitals in the country.” – Dr Soroosh Firoozan, Consultant Cardiologist

The Facts

7 Million

There are an estimated 7 million people living with cardiovascular disease in the UK


Early detection can mean the difference between life and death


50,000 people in the local area will suffer from cardiac disease each year


Over 3,000 local patients will benefit from this technology each year

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